Tackle Instrument - Toppers (Medium)


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This is the Medium Canvas version of the 3xSet of Toppers From Tackle and Dragonfly

22 stacked layers of canvas and flannel, these Toppers have a warm, soft sound on drums and seamless cymbal swells.  They are firm enough to still have decent rebound for execution of doubles and muted clarity on toms.  These are also great for working out your rudimental chops on a table top or pad.  


Drummer and craftsman Scott McPherson (Tackle Instrument Supply Co.) and orchestral percussionist and mallet-maker Dinesh Joseph (Dragonfly Percussion) began a long-distance collaboration.

Toppers are mallet heads that fit securely onto the tip of any medium drum set stick.

They're based on a traditional Austrian timpani mallet design of tightly stacked layers of cloth. The result is a drum set mallet that sounds and feels far superior than a felt covered timpani stick and is way more durable. The hard leather, medium canvas and soft flannel bring a brand new palette of timbres to your drums and cymbals.