RootsEQ - Ring (white) - 10" - 18"


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Clean, simple, easy to use and specifically designed to "EQ" your drums - toms and snares - reducing overtones and unwanted frequencies. All with the convenience of dropping it on and off. 

Available here in a full spread of sizes:
10", 12", 13", 14", 15", 16", 18"

RootsEQ comes direct from drummers, for drummers; Adam Topol, renowned L.A. drummer and solo artist and long-time studio and touring drummer for Jack Johnson, and Matt Smith, famed NYC based world-instruments builder.
Who else uses RootsEQ, well there's a pretty impressive list of artists !
Easy to use and hand made in the USA.

RootsEQ says: 
T-shirts, gels, tape, tea towels, wallets… drummers who need to manage the tone on their tom toms and snare drums all have their style. Roots EQ’s is another tone control option to add on to your list. We literally “EQ” some shrill high-end tones that you may hear from a drum. We have designed a simple drum tone dampener that instantly gives your drum a subtle, warm tone without the buzz or the sticky tape. Easy to put on. Easy to take off. Put one on top of your tom tom or snare and let your ear be the judge. We think you won’t want to go without them once you hear the difference…

Custom manufactured memory wire outer hoop designed to be durable and retain its shape while adding the perfect amount of weight to the surface of the drum head.

Cloth hoop is double layered, hand stitched and weighted to provide the optimal amount of dampening and “EQing” out unwanted tones and leaves ample space in the middle of the drum head open for uninhibited brush sweeps and stick work. A quick and effective way to get those toms and snare to sound warm and mellow.  

Hand crafted in the USA.