C&C MapleGum - Big Beat - Cherry Cola


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22x16 / 13x8 / 16x15

Fresh in direct from the C&C factory in Kansas City, MO. 

With this custom set (this is the only one in the world right now) - we wanted to really mix Modern and Vintage! 

Featuring a 6 Ply MapleGum shell with C&C's full contact bearing edges - this kit has warmth and so much tuning range! The MapleGum shell means it's got the brightness and attack of Maple, but with a quick decay and a little dryness so you're not getting harassed by annoying over tone. 

Every detail on this set was carefully consider. We opted to make the Kick Drum 22x16 (slightly deeper than most vintage cuts) to give it a little more oomph and power, without sacrificing any tone. We also opted for the modern style legs instead of folding vintage spurs - just to keep it on theme.

The custom Cherry Cola stain is a one off and a great way to show off that Maple grain living within the set. We then opted for a Burgundy Sparkle in lay on the kick drum to really set it all off. 

Hardware consists of Triple Flange hoops on the toms and C&C's Single Ended Decco lug on all drums. 

Have a listen to another MapleGum set that was recently purchased by a Brisbane Drummer!