C&C MapleGum - Big Beat - Burgundy Sparkle

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22x14 / 13x9 / 16x16

Hand made in Kansas City - USA.

This drum set is part of a highly limited edition run for Australia only. Part of a trio (Champagne, Burgundy and Red Sparkle). These Maple Gum Sets were inspired by the vintage classics of yesteryear - classic sizes, vintage colours - timeless!

Featuring a 6 Ply MapleGum shell (ply shell of Maple wood + Gum Wood) - this kit has warmth and so much tuning range! The MapleGum shell means it's got the brightness and attack of Maple, but with a quick decay and a little dryness so you're not getting harassed by annoying over tone. 

Toms feature C&C's full contact bearing edge. The Bass Drum features a rounded contact edge with slight back cut for added projection and attack. 

Every detail on this set was carefully considered to make it a timeless modern classic that will age for 50+ years the way the drum sets have that inspired it. 

Hardware consists of Triple Flange hoops on the toms and C&C's Single Ended Decco lug on all drums. 

22 x 14 / 13 x 9 / 16 x 16

Burgundy Sparkle Wrap

Ebony Stained Bass Drum Hoops w/ matching Inlay

Radio King Style Vintage Spurs and Floor tom mounts

Triple Flange Hoops

Maple Gum Shells

Shells and Drums were hand made in Kansas City at the C&C factory in Gladstone, MO

Available here in Australia and ready to ship direct to you for Free. 

Have a listen to another MapleGum set that was recently purchased by a Brisbane Drummer!