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VINTAGE WFL White Marine Pearl Snare - 14 x 6.5

Classic White Marine Pearl wrapped snare with Nickel Hardware - this is Vintage! 

This snare has been around for a few decades but it sounds just as good as ever! This has been a great studio and live snare for years - perfect for a low down, vintage indie rock kind of sound. 

It's a mahogany shell with maple re-rings. The bearing edges are in excellent condition and are that classic vintage round over. 

Personally I love the nickel hardware and the 'WFL' stamping on the throw off and butt plate. My favourite tuning on this type of drum is a mid to low, with the snare wires backed off. It gives a very classic Indie Rock kind of sound, and because this drum is 6.5 deep - you still get some great bottom end. 

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