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VINTAGE (upgraded): Ludwig Acrolite - Blue Olive Badge - 70's - No. 1211452

Upgraded Players Acrolite - perfect for the Live Drummer!

Just Landed from USA - imported directly to Aus by Blackwaxx so it's available here locally for us! 

A total classic - every drummer should have one in their arsenal. 

The Acrolite is THE drum for that fatback tone from all your favourite vintage records. 

This Snare is a Blue Olive Badged version making it from 70's - 80's period. 

The Acrolite is a light weight aluminium shell with 8 Lugs. Coming standard with Ludwig's P85 throw-off, this snare has been Upgraded to an Inde Universal Throw-off and butt-plate. A super smooth, highly reliable throw-off that'll last decades!

This snare has had the Internal Muffler removed; stopping unwanted rattles or buzzes and allowing full breath for the heads. 

This Snare overall is in great condition, signs of age for sure but definitely one of the better versions we've had through - check the pics to get a good sense of it's condition. 

This snare is set-up and ready to go. 

Comes with Pure Sound Snare Wires. 

Serial Number: 1211452

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