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VINTAGE: Rogers Dynasonic 14 x 5

The Rogers Dynasonic was THE snare of choice by so many drumming legends. This model of snare has been on more records than you know! 

This is the "Big R" badged model so it's from the Mid 70's.

Here's the basic Specs;

14x5 Shell

Chrome Over Brass (COB) Shell

Triple Flange Hoops

All original Rogers Mechanism and parts

This particular snare is a great shape, but would benefit from a good strip and polish. We often love doing that for our Vintage Snares we offer, but sometimes it's a great way to get to know your own drum by giving it some love. 

That's why we've reduced the Price quite a bit - save yourself paying for me to clean it for you and enjoy spending a day doing it yourself. 

Hit us with any questions at all about this snare - we love Vintage Drums and aim to bring you great options to enjoy them yourself too! 


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