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VINTAGE: Ludwig Supraphonic 14x5 - 1979-1984 No. 2139741

Just Landed from USA - imported directly to Aus by Blackwaxx so it's available here locally for us!

Ready to ship for free.

One of the most classic snare drums on the planet! The Supraphonic has been on all your favourite records. 

This one is Vintage - rounded blue/olive badge putting it as from between 1979 - 1984. It's in Good condition - fully playable and ready to go but showing signs of it's age, typical of these vintage snares, but that's why we've got it at such a low fair price. 

Originally sourced from San Diego, California.

Great opportunity to own a piece of drumming history and get those classic sounds, at an affordable price. 

14 x 5 LM400

P85 Throw-Off

Triple Flange Hoops

Reliable Anti Galvanic Stamp indicating it's a Ludalloy Shell

Buy "Standard As-Is" with the used Remo P77 Coated, Remo Hazy Clear and generic snare wires...or;

Upgrade it for $99 and get Brand new Remo Ambassador Coated on Top, Remo Hazy Resonant and Pure Sound Brass Snare Wires

Serial Number: 2139741

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