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VINTAGE: Ludwig Acrolite Keystone Badge 555941

Just Landed from USA - imported directly to Aus by Blackwaxx so it's available here locally for us! This is a keystone badge 60's era vintage snare! 

A total classic - every drummer should have one in their arsenal. 

This snare was sourced from within the USA and just shipped to Australia.

It's had a couple of upgrades;

- New Remo heads - Coated Ambassador and Clear Diplomat Reso

The Acrolite is THE drum for that fatback tone from all your favourite vintage records. 

This Snare is a Keystone Badge version making it from 60's.

The Acrolite is a light weight aluminium shell with 8 Lugs. Coming standard with Ludwig's P83 throw-off and butt plate, as well as triple flange hoops. 

P83 Throw-off and Internal Muffler are both working in good condition. 

This Snare overall is in great condition, signs of age for sure but definitely one of the better versions out there. You can see a previous owner (from Texas!) engraved their name on the back side of the shell - a nice piece of history to with the drum.

This snare is set-up and ready to play! 

Serial Number: 555941

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