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VINTAGE: Ludwig Acrolite - Blue Olive Badge *Orange Peel* - No. 3121271

Available Locally here in Australia, Ready to ship for FREE.

Just Landed from USA - imported directly to Aus by Blackwaxx.

A total classic - every drummer should have one in their arsenal. 

This snare was sourced from Illinois, USA and is the "Orange Peel" finish - making it a Late 70's / Early 80's model! This is an original Factory finish. 

The Acrolite is THE drum for that fatback tone from all your favourite vintage records. 

The Acrolite is a light weight aluminium shell with 8 Lugs. Coming standard with Ludwig's P85 throw-off and butt plate, as well as triple flange hoops. 

P85 Throw-off and Internal Muffler are both working in good condition.

This snare is in completely original condition, Hoops, throw-off, rims, rods - everything.


We added fresh Remo Heads so this snare is ready to go with Brand new heads;

Remo Coated Ambassador on Top and Remo Snare Side on the bater side.

Original snarewires.

Serial Number: 3121271

Pictures are of exact drum so you can see it's condition, approaching 50 years old! 

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