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VINTAGE: Ludwig Acrolite - Blue Olive Badge - 70's - No. 839425

Just Landed from USA - imported directly to Aus by Blackwaxx so it's available here locally for us! 

A total classic - every drummer should have one in their arsenal. 

This snare was sourced from Boulder, Colorado, USA.

This Acrolite has a had a freshen up;

- New Remo Ambassador Coated head on top

- New Remo Diplomat Clear Snare reso on the bottom

- New Puresound snare wires

The Acrolite is THE drum for that fatback tone from all your favourite vintage records. 

This Snare is a Blue Olive Badged and looks to be a 1977 model

The Acrolite is a light weight aluminium shell with 8 Lugs. Coming standard with Ludwig's P85 throw-off and butt plate, as well as triple flange hoops. 

P85 Throw-off is working in good condition. 

This Snare overall is in great condition, signs of age for sure but definitely one of the better versions we've had through - check the pics to get a good sense of it's condition. 

This snare is set-up and ready to go. 

Serial Number: 839425

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