Snareweight 40's Insert

The 40's insert is a narrower version of the 70's, designed for the Snareweight JR (amazing with the #4 Snareweight as well if looking for less dampening than the 70's).They respond to harder hits with some intentional movement, making it ideal for drummers that want variation while playing. They also tend to give the snare the MOST possible high end presence before going darker sounding. The 40's will add to your existing JR setup live as well, giving you more colours in a snap for tweaking the snare on the fly.

** can even be used on the new snareweight #4. Comes as a pair.**

dims- each side is 4.5 inches long x 1.30 inches wide

hot tip:

"use just one instead of two for a brighter sound"

We're working super hard to make these tried and tested products available for Australian drummers at local prices. We keep this in stock so we can ship to you super fast and more affordably than buying internationally - check the pricing, we're confident this is the best option. 

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