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Q Drum Co. Thin Copper w/ Maple Re-Rings - 14x7

This is a brand new range from Q Drum Co. Exclusive to Blackwaxx&Co here in Australia!

Q Drums take their style of drum set building and apply it with some tweaks to a brand new snare range. Previously Q's metal snare's were a thick cut of metal which they call their Plate Series. 

This Snare here is a thinner sheet of Copper, the same grade used on the Q Drum Sets. The Copper is Rolled and riveted and then Q adds a thicker and deeper Maple Re-Ring that serves multiple functions;

- Rigidity for the shape of the snare

- The bearing edges are cut into these maple rings

- The addition of wood adds a mixed flavour to the resonance of the shell

The Copper itself is a raw finish so it will age and patina over-time - this is the intended design for this snare, use it, mark it up and watch it age uniquely! 

Finished off with an indestructible Trick throw-off, 2.3mm Triple Flange Hoops and an individual Series numbered badge. 

Be literally the first person in Aus to own a Q Drum Co Copper snare - there's imitators and then there's the brand used by world class drummers touring the globe?


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