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VINTAGE Ludwig Auditorium Snare - 1959 - 14 x 6.5

Originally designed for the School Band or Orchestra (according to the Ludwig Catalogues of yesteryear) - This 14x6.5 Ludwig Auditorium model snare is right home now in the studio or live. 

Natural Mahogany/Brown stain in colour with the super classy nickel hardware all over. This snare has been played, but for nearly 50 years old it's in great working condition and ready to play. 

It's a mahogany shell with maple re-rings. The bearing edges are in excellent condition and are that classic vintage round over. 

The drum is stamped 1959 internally and the outer badge is of the same era. 

This drum comes with exactly as is in the photographs with near new heads and Grover snare wires. 

Personally I love the nickel hardware and the 'WFL' stamping on the throw off and butt plate. My favourite tuning on this type of drum is a mid to low, with the snare wires backed off. It gives a very classic Indie Rock kind of sound, and because this drum is 6.5 deep - you still get some great bottom end. 

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