Istanbul Agop 30th Anniversary 22" Ride

2344g | 2360g

We can't speak highly enough of this line of cymbals - what began as a special edition limited release, turned into one of Agops most sought after collection of pies. 

The 30th Anniversary series is the product of exceptional hand made Turkish Craftsmanship. Paper thin and completely individual. Every 30th Ann. Cymbal is completely hand made, including the hand shaped bells. 

Dark, articulated, smooth and buttery. Play them light or give them some to open up their impressive roar. 

Each 22" Ride comes with a limited edition Leather Agop Cymbal Bag! 

** All cymbals for sale on BlackwaxxCo are exact cymbals, we only list what we have - get this exact cymbal, in this weight, already here in Australia ready to ship immediately to you.**

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