Istanbul Agop 30th Anniversary 15" Hi Hats

REDUCED - On Sale Now!

1084/1286g | 1028/1130g

Like all 30th Anniversary series cymbals - 100% handmade and possibly the finest cymbals being produced in modern day. Each set are individual with variations in hand hammering, lathing and slight colour difference - all adding to their unique feel and sound. 

15" hats are the perfect spot between slightly larger feeling hats without being too small. Controlled volume, trashy wash - this is as vintage as it gets. There's a reason they're one of the most popular lines from Agop! 

** All cymbals for sale on BlackwaxxCo are exact cymbals, we only list what we have - get this exact cymbal, in this weight, already here in Australia ready to ship immediately to you.**

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