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Gas Drums - Custom 8mm Clear Acrylic Shell - 14x6.5

Gas Custom Drums - Melbourne's own boutique crafter of sounds. 

This is a Rare Bird that we're super lucky to have on the site here! Gas Drums made this snare exclusively for Blackwaxx&Co!

Why is Gas Acrylic any different? It's 8mm! Most other acrylic drums out there are only 6mm. All Gas acrylic drums are 8mm thick and this thicker acrylic only comes in clear! So not only do Gas sound Unique, They always look unique as they keep coming up with new ways to work with their clear shells.  

14x6.5 is one of the most classic sizes in Snare Drums, add to this Gas's unique bearing edges and this is a rocking snare. It's got sensitivity for low down volumes and tuning, but give it some gusto, and this snare has a real crack!  

What's that gnarly finish? That's a custom print from Catherine Martin Designs that's actually been inlaid inside the shell- another one of the ways Gas Drums are pushing looks and sound with their Acrylic Snares. 


- 2.3mm Triple Flange Hoops

- Inde Throw-Off

- Full Length Tube Lugs (8)

- Puresound 20 Strand Wires 

Love this snare, but got a custom idea? Hit us up and Gas Custom Drums will bring it to life! 

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