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Gas Drums - 1mm Copper Shell - 14x9

Gas Custom Drums - Melbourne's own boutique crafter of sounds. 

Holy shit - 9" deep snare, you're kidding right...No, it's legit!

This snare is made by rolling and riveting a 1mm thin piece of Copper sheet. A very slight bearing edge is given to the top and bottom and that's that. No internal wooden re-rings - just straight Copper. 

This 14x9 is a real unique beast unto itself. You'd think it'd be super low and very open - it can definitely do that, but we watched owner of Gas Drums, Scott, tune this bad boy up and it's got a heck of crack with some bottom end behind it. This is a real unique sound - Perfect for adding to your bank of sounds!


- Triple Flange Hoops

- DW Mag Throw-Off

- Mini Tube Lugs, two rows of 10.

- 20 Strand Wires 

Love this snare, but got a custom idea? Hit us up and Gas Custom Drums will bring it to life! 

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