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Gas Drums - 8mm Clear Acrylic Shell - Sea Foam Green - 14x5

Gas Custom Drums - Melbourne's own boutique crafter of sounds. 

Why is Gas Acrylic any different? It's 8mm! Most other acrylic drums out there are only 6mm. All Gas acrylic drums are 8mm thick and this thicker acrylic only comes in clear.

Gas takes the rocking 8mm clear acrylic and gives it a lick of the super matt Sea Foam Green. Got that super classic look, but is secretly hiding the raw powerhouse that is an acrylic drum. 


- Triple Flange Hoops

- Trick Throw-Off

- Full Length Tube Lugs (10)

- 20 Strand Wires 

Love this snare, but got a custom idea? Hit us up and Gas Custom Drums will bring it to life! 

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