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C&C Walnut|Mahogany|Maple 14x6.5 Snare - Charcoal Pearl

A one off unique snare direct from the C&C workshop in Kansas City, MO, USA. Jake Cardwell himself came up with this idea for a wood combination to get the best of all these flavours. 

It's woody in vibe with a tuned up crack. Or as I like it, a little more down-tuned, subtle dampening and low down "Indie Rock" kind of vibe. The Maple helps it sing just enough to cut through and the Mahogany in the centre helps to keep it mellow. 

Full Contact bearing edge on the batter side means you get massive tuning range, while the reso side is still very round, it has a slight back cut to help with attack. 

Fitted with C&C's signature Deco Lugs and wrapped in the limited Charcoal Pearl this is a unique sounding and looking snare drum. Compliment your set up with a pro level snare that's going to stand the test of time and hold it's value for a lifetime. 

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