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C&C - MapleGum Snare - Tweedy Blue w/ Gold Stripe Inlay - 14x6.5

Lightly Used C&C MapleGum snare in excellent condition - studio use only. 

The MapleGum shell from C&C is a 6 Ply shell made up of American Maple and Gumwood. This shell is a hark back to the 50's era of Gretsch shells. Add a full Round Over bearing edge and you have warm, vintage inspired snare - tuned low, it's got that real "Doosh Doosh" vibe or wind it up and you have a beautiful crack. 


14 x 6.5

6 Ply Maple/Gumwood

Round Over Bearing Edge on top, Bread and Butter edge on the bottom.

Vintage Style Stick Saver Hoops

Deluxe Mini Throw Off

Tweedy Blue with Gold Glitter Inlay 

Brand new this snare would Retail for around $1200 - grab an amazing deal! 


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