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VINTAGE Ludwig COB Supraphonic *RARE* - 14 x 5

These are Rare and highly sought after, so I feel pretty tempted to keep this one myself!

You can immediately tell a COB Supra the second you pick it up - they're much heavier than the more common snare of the same name, even so, this snare still only weighs a total of about 4.1kg. 

  • 10 Lugs
  • WFL Stamped Throw Off
  • Triple Flange Hoops
  • New Condition Ludwig Factory Heads
  • Puresound snare wires

This is a snare that's been played, as they all should be! It shows some wear - mostly just some light surface scratching in the shell. COB Supra's don't pit! 

The drum is in excellent working order and would be ready to go straight into the studio or out live. 

These drums are hard to come by, especially in Australia! We've priced it lower than normal because it's not in pristine condition - the photos are accurate so you know it's still great! 

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