November 27, 2017

About Us!

Who, what, where - Blackwaxx&Co?!?

Blackwaxx&Co was started by me, Jared Tredly - Australian based drummer and lover of quality instruments. I've lived in Brisbane, Australia most of my life, but I've toured Australia, and the world a few times. I'm a drummer! I love drums! I love to play drums, I love to work on drums, service them, repair them and I love to own great drumming accessories that allow me to be the drummer I want to sound like. 

I started Blackwaxx&Co because I felt that Australian drummers were missing out! The brands I have on the site are all brands and products I personally use and love! I had a hard time accessing these goods from all the way down here in Aus - and when I did finally get them, it cost me a fortune in currency conversion fees, international shipping and local taxes. I wanted to do something about that so that other drummers in Australia could get access to these brands we have seen and love, but don't deserve to be paying so much money and hassle in obtaining. 

The future is digital so I set out to create a super simple online shopping experience where I can provide you quality equipment with high res photos and descriptions as well as reviewing and creating videos of as much as I can - it takes time, but I'm working my way through it all. 

When you buy from Blackwaxx&Co. - Know that I'm a drummer like you, that I started this business in my home with my own personal money, to give back to a scene and community I am so proud to be a part of. 

I believe in good, timely service. I believe in fair pricing and I feel that Australians haven't been looked after enough in that regard. 

I welcome any and all feedback on everything about Blackwaxx&Co so reach out anytime. 

Happy drumming! 

Jared Tredly

Drummer - Blackwaxx&Co